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Our Values

The Green Pastures team have collaborated to define the qualities that we believe are paramount when it comes to caring for you and your pets. We have defined a set of behaviours that we expect all members of team to demonstrate.  For us this means that we hold these values dear in everything we do and we review our commitment to them as part of our regular personal development reviews.



For you, this means that you know what level of service to expect from us for both your pet and yourself. We regularly invite your feedback via our Client Opinion Surveys, but please feel free to contact the reception team or myself, Kathy Barcham, at any time.



Green Pastures is committed to the investment in continuous learning and development – of our individuals and our teams. This means that your pets have access to the latest knowledge and equipment appropriate for a 24 hour, first opinion veterinary centre. The Green Pastures teams meet regularly to learn from our disappointments and to share, review and implement our new knowledge.

The Green Pastures’ Team consistently adhere to agreed standards of patient and client care so guaranteeing you and your pets the same level of service.   


We want to be there for you and your pets whenever you need us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year so we offer emergency out of hours appointments and on-site 24 hour nursing care.

We know your time is precious so we endeavour to see you on time and to respond in a timely manner to your messages and enquiries.

We want to make your visit to Green Pastures as easy as possible, so if you need any help, please feel free to ask.


We ensure that you are given all the treatment options for your pet. Then we offer considered advice and support which matches the needs of you and your pet.

We take time to understand your specific concerns and constraints, so that our treatment is tailored specifically to you both. We are always asking ourselves 'what would we do if that was our pet?' when helping to support and advise you in the treatment routes available for your pet 



You receive a warm and professional welcome at Green Pastures. We invite you to ask for advice or seek clarification on any matter which concerns you because we want you to be pleased with our level of service.


We want you and your pet to feel relaxed and happy when you come to visit us. 



We listen carefully so we can fully understand your pet’s symptoms, situations and needs. We are all pet owners so we share the pet-human relationship with you and we understand how it feels to have a sick pet.

When treating your pet we always approach them in a  compassionate and gentle way, seeking to minimise any anxiety and ensure they have a happy positive experience with us







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