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My Calmer Cat at Green Pastures – the latest 

If you have not visited our cat friendly clinic, we hope that you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only is the space relaxing and convenient for humans but also we have initiatives in place to keep our cats as calm as possible throughout their visit.

Subject to room availability, our latest initiative is to invite you to wait for the vet or nurse with your cat in the consultation room. Whilst we appreciate that this may feel a little odd to you, we believe that your cat will appreciate the opportunity to acclimatise in the consultation room.

We understand that cats are very sensitive to their territory and experience stress / anxiety when their territory changes. As you can imagine a visit to Green Pastures provides lots of points of changing territory and potentially will have a cumulative negative effect on your cat’s well-being.

Recent studies have shown that if we take the blood pressure as soon as your cat comes out of the carrier and then again after a short acclimatisation time in the consultation room, there will be an average decrease in cats’ blood pressure of 10-15mm Hg. This dramatic reduction in blood pressure reflects the lowering of anxiety levels for your cat.

At Green Pastures Cat Clinic both owners and the clinical staff have witnessed positive changes in cat’s behaviour after being allowed to acclimatise in the consultation room before any procedures so we are inviting all cats where possible to experience these benefits.

Keep following our blog to find out what initiatives we have specially for your cat…


What My Dog Likes 

At Green Pastures, our goal is for your dog to enjoy all visits to Green Pastures.

We understand that your dog learns by experiencing either a positive or negative response to a situation. If your dog experiences pain, fear and anxiety when visiting Green Pastures then at the next visit your dog will be wary of what to expect.

Unfortunately, a visit to the vets is often because of pain or illness, however at Green Pastures we are committed to creating positive experiences for your dogto visit us safely and happily. This involves combining your knowledge of your dog’s preferences with our approach to your dog to create a consistent service that your dog can start to trust.

We are starting to record information about what your dog likes when you next visit us so please allow an extra 5mins to fill in our questionnaire.


Living the Dream at Green Pastures

Living a dream may seem a little inappropriate when referring to a veterinary centre but I suppose that depends on your dreams and aspirations.

I have always strived to ensure that we offer the best care for our patients and to be the best vets in Weston-super-Mare. So, using our knowledge of animal behaviour and my own re-investment, we have created a unique building for your pets. I will soon share with you what we have created and why in a series of upcoming articles; ‘Dog Care at Green Pastures Vets’, ‘Cat Care at Green Pastures Vets’, ‘Rabbit Care at Green Pastures Vets’

Thank you for bringing your pets to Green Pastures because your patronage has enabled this local re-investment.  Rest assured, your cats and dogs are telling us that they are experiencing a less stressful visit to the vets. Below are some of our observations, stories and feedback.

Last weekend, I vaccinated two cats and, as usual, I placed the first cat on the floor to explore after the examination. Previously in the shared consultation rooms, cats would either go back into their carriers or hide under the bench. However, Jinx explored the new cat consultation room and then jumped back onto the table to join in with his housemate’s examination. In November in the same circumstances, another cat jumped back onto my consultation table examination to join his brother.

Both clients had previously visited the shared consultations rooms and then new cat only consultations rooms so were pleasantly surprised by the difference in their cats’ behaviour at the vets. My colleagues report that cats who had previously been so anxious that they became aggressive have tolerated examinations which would have previously been impossible or necessitated sedation.

The dog waiting room is now for dogs only and that extra space is certainly reducing the stress for dogs. One client commented about how nice it is that dogs are friendlier in their own waiting room. The reception staff report that dogs are more relaxed and that the atmosphere is calmer.

Despite these improvements, I do believe that we need to work with you to collect information about your dog’s preferences, so we can consistently offer your dog a low stress veterinary visit and build trust and confidence.

Kathy Barcham

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