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Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Clinic Entrance



Cat Friendly Clinic

Green Pastures has it's own designated cat friendly clinic and area - just for cats. The only one in Weston-s-Mare!





What makes a cat friendly clinic?

Green Pastures are proud to have been awarded ‘Gold Standard’ by the International Society of Feline Medicine, we are one of only 158 veterinary practices in the UK to achieve this award but what does this mean for you and your pets?

The International Society of Feline Medicine have a set of criteria that must be followed to receive and uphold our Gold Standard status - At Green Pastures we pride ourselves on our welcoming and understanding attitude to you and your feline friends. We want to ensure that every visit to Green Pastures is as smooth and stress free as possible for both you and your cat. The following things have been put in place to achieve this.



Cat Waiting Area

Waiting Room

This area has facilities for cats in their carriers to be placed safely above floor level. We use covers that have been sprayed with a Feline Pheronomes to help to make them feel at ease whilst they are waiting. This means that stress levels are minimised and remember there are no barking dogs or other loud noises that could worry your pet.



Handling cats

At Green Pastures, we show a gentle, empathetic and respectful approach to cats when being handled or restrained. This includes:

* Minimising stress during handling, examinations and procedures

* Recognising and appropriate responding to feline fear and anxiety

* Avoiding heavy manual restraint and never undertaking ‘scruffing’ of cats

We regularly use towel wrapping as a method to restrain and examine cats – this is a very simple technique that is similar to ‘swaddling’ which can help make your cat feel calmer and make it a lot easier for us to perform an examination.

Regular nurse consults

Nurse Cat Consult Room

We have nurse consults available every day of the week in which our nurses can provide you with invaluable knowledge to help you with the care of your cat. Our nurses can give advice on many things such vaccinations, neutering and diet. We can also apply your cat’s flea and worming treatments for you in the consult along with other treatments such as nail clipping and dental checks.



Hospital Area


We have a separate feline hospital area which means cats and dogs are never placed in the same room during their stay, including upon hospitalisation or recovery from surgery. Our cat ward is quiet and calm and has appropriate lighting, ventilation and temperature control. All of the cages are positioned to ensure that cats do not have eye to eye contact with each other which can cause severe stress. We also use Feliway plug in adaptors in the feline ward to release calming pheromones that reduces your cat’s stress levels and keeps them feeling happy and playful. We have cages of good condition and size and that can easily be disinfected.

We have facilities for preparation/cooking and refrigeration of foods. A variety of appropriate foods and food bowls are available.



Out of hours’ care

Green Pastures is the only Weston practice to boast an on-site 24 hour Emergency Service, 365 days a year. We provide full hospitalisation facilities and 24 hour care from our dedicated staff. We ensure your pet is closely monitored and cared for throughout the day and night.


Facilities and equipment

We have excellent facilities and equipment to help investigate and treat feline disease including:

* digital x-ray facilities including dental radiography

* Ultrasound equipment

* An internal laboratory with a range of machines so we can test your pet’s blood and urine and obtain results within minutes.

* Isolation ward - Our isolation facility allows us to barrier nurse animals with diseases that could be contagious to animals or people and keeps vulnerable unvaccinated animals away from possible sources of infection.

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