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Cats Life At Green Pastures


9 weeks - 6 months  (kitten)

My first visit to the vets to start Green Pastures Krazy Kitten offer! I will start my vaccinations, worm & flea program and have a health check. I will need to start my full lifetime insurance at this point too. I will be seen in 3 weeks time for my 2nd vaccination, worm & flea treatments. After this I will be seen monthly for worm and flea treatments.


5-6 months of age

It's time to neuter and microchip me. Now I can safely go outside and you know that if I get lost or innjured then we can be re-united. I only need worming every 3 months now, but don't forget my flea treatment every 4 weeks - I don't want to be itchy! My permanent teeth are coming through and need brushing to keep them in good condition. Please ask a veterinary nurse to show you how.


6months - 2 years ( Junior)

I'm young and healthy so hopefully I'll only need my annual vaccinations and health check during this time. I'm out and about now so it's important to keep my worm and flea treatment up to date. I've noticed I've put on a little weight since my neuter, the nurse said she would weigh me and give you advice for free, so I don't become obese! My friend's an indoor cat and he's got more chubby than me! We both need low calorie neutered food now.


3-6 years ( Prime time)

I may encounter a few issues during this time of my life, such as dental disease, cystitis, behavioural issues and obesity. It's a good idea to make sure I have good insurance cover incase I get any of these problems. Hopefully I won't as I do love to be out hunting and playing!


7 - 10 years (Mature)

1 am getting older now, so I may start to slow down. The vet will check me over each year at my annual health check and booster. If you're worried I should be checked over before this check up, the signs may be difficult to spot. Look out for changes in my thirst, my coat looking poor, eating less, reduced awareness and urination changes. I will be prone to diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure and arthritis.


11-14 years (Senior)

At this time in my life I may get several problems at once. The vets run a 10+ Club where I can have blood, urine, blood pressure and vet checks to keep me in great condition. I may also develop arthritis, watch out for me doing less, having difficulty jumping, grooming less or thickened/long claws curling around. Please don't just put everything down to me as getting old!. There are lots of treatments available to improve my quality of life. i'll need a senior diet now too.

15+ Years (Geratric)

Wow, I've done well to reach this age! I'll need regular check ups to make sure the vet catches any problems before they develop too quickly. The best thing to do at this age is give me lots of TLC and spoil me rotten in my last few years.

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