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Coronavirus Strategies at Green Pastures

29th Mar 2020

Please note that until further notice due to the current situation, the practice will not open on Sundays, and there are reduced opening hours during the week. If you have an emergency on Sundays, please telephone the practice on the usual number 01934 622022 for details of the on-call emergency vet.

Updated 28th March 2020:

*Please be aware that due to the latest Government and Royal College advice concerning the Covid-19 restrictions we are only able to see essential and emergency cases*

Please rest assured that during the coronavirus pandemic Green Pastures Vets are committed to offering emergency care for your pets, this includes:

  1. Emergency Consultations,
  2. Essential Operations,
  3. 24-hour in-house hospitalised care
  4. 24-hour emergency service.

How we offer these services will depend on how Coronavirus affects both our clients and our staff. We have contingency plans in place for various scenarios, but the reality is that none of us know what is going to happen and therefore we must adapt to changing circumstances to ensure the welfare of your pets.

The most important thing for you to know is that we will still be here for you and your pet when you need us.

What you need to know:

  1. 24/7 Emergency Core Team –
    1. The core team will have no interaction with anyone from the day staff
    2. We have emergency staff on stand-by ready to come into play
    3. We have a dedicated ambulance driver to come and collect emergency cases if required

This means that no matter what happens Green Pastures Vets will ensure that there is emergency care for all of our clients.

  1. We have now split our building into 3 zones:
    1. Surgery and Operations
    2. Emergency consultations & supply of urgent medical supplies
    3. Back Office

All of these areas will be cordoned off so that the Teams can’t mix with each other across the working hours. This also minimises risk in case anyone comes down with the virus but doesn’t halt our care to your pets.

  1. Our Team have been split into
    1. Dedicated Zones
    2. Dedicated Days
    3. Back-up staff
      1. They are based at home and can come into cover anyone

4.  Collection of Medications and repeat prescriptions from the practice - This is restricted to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday's between 10.30 am -5.30pm and on Saturadays 10.00am -12noon. Please phone us on arrival at the practice for instuctions on how to collect the medications from the building. Currently medications for both dogs and cats will need to be collected from the main entrance to the building under strict controls. You will not be allowed into the building. Payments must be made over the phone in advance. 

We are minimising the areas our teams operate in and the interaction between the teams. We have done this, so in-case there is a virus outbreak we can cover the teams that are affected.

What we ask in return

When visiting Green Pastures Vets:

  1. Reducing non-essential visits to Green Pastures.
    1. If you have monthly nurse visits, will be cancelled and we will ask you to take the next month’s parasite treatment for administration at home. We are cancelling visits from drug company and other representatives.
  2. We are asking all clients for your own safety to stay in the car:
    1. Please call us on arrival to the carpark
    2. When we are ready to see your pet we will phone you to instruct you on how to enter the building. You will not be allowed to remain in the consultaion room whilst your pet is being examined. Onentry into the consultaion room you  will need to leave you pet securely in the room, Cats and small furries must be in s secure basket and left on the examination table. Dogs must have a collar and lead and tethered securely in the room. For small dogs please bring them in a secure carrier.
    3. We then request that you leave the room and exit the door you came in.
    4. Once the vet has completed the examination and treatment, you will again be instructed on when to enter the building to collect your pet and any prescribed medication. You will be requested to make a payment over the telephone at this time.


The above measures have been put in place to minimise our client’s risk and also to protect our team. We also understand that not everyone is in the same scenario, so please highlight to our reception/admin team if you have any queries or requests and we will do what we can to accommodate.

At times we will need to be creative with the handover but we just want to minimise any potential virus transfer and also minimise any stress to your loved one (pet).


Things will run slightly different for the fore-sable future and the above might change as things seem to change from day-to-day but be assured, we are focused and prepared to be here for you and your pets in times of need.

Many Thanks from the Green Pastures Team  


If you have any quires, please feel free to contact us on 01934 622022

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