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Is Your Bunny Ready for Summer?

01st May 2020

Would it surprise you to know that most wild rabbits only live for one summer? Diseases, predators and harsh conditions account for this dramatic difference in life span between wild rabbits and our pet rabbits.

With proper care our pet rabbits can lives for 6-10years and at Green Pastures Vets we have a few teenagers. Whilst we can protect our rabbits from predators and feed balanced nutrition, our pet rabbits are as susceptible as their wild cousins to the same diseases which commonly occur during the summer months.

So to ensure that your pet rabbit lives a long, healthy, happy life, it is vital to take measures to prevent flystrike and vaccinate against both strains of Rabbit Viral Diarrhoea and Myxomatosis.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons(RCVS) believes in the importance of rabbit preventative health measures. The most recent RCVS guidelines supports vets preventing suffering for rabbits during this Covid-19 restrictions.

Flystrike is when blow flies are attracted to the folds of skin around your rabbit’s tail and genital areas. Flies lay their eggs in the fur and the hatched maggots eat their way through your rabbit’s tissues causing severe pain and releasing toxins. Your rabbit will be very sick and need a long, possibly expensive, recovery but sadly this condition can be fatal.

For more information and photographs, please refer to an article written by the Rabbit Welfare Association

Prevention of Flystrike is achieved by clipping and cleaning the tail and genital areas then applying a fly repellent solution. This is repeated in 10weeks. In the meantime it is crucial to be vigilant and check your rabbit daily for sores and fly eggs.

Rabbit Viral Diarrhoea (RVD). This is fatal to your rabbit and the commonest strain currently is RVD2. Protection is through a separate RVD2 vaccine although there is a new vaccine about to be launched which covers both RVD strains. RVD1 strain is often combined with Myxomatosis in a vaccine. RVD1 and RVD2 require annual vaccination.

Myxomatosis. This condition causes sores around the eyes and lips. It is very painful and fatal. Occasionally even vaccinated rabbits get the disease but in a milder form from which they recover. Myxomatosis protection requires an annual vaccination.

What we are offering at Green Pastures Vets

Our Summer Bunny Package

  • To keep your visits to a minimum we are offering 30minute appointments or day patient visits depending on your preference.
  • Veterinary health check including a dental examination
  • Clip and clean bottom (very soiled rabbits will incur an extra charge)
  • Apply fly prevention solution
  • Nail clip
  • Rabbit information pack
  • Complimentary treat and food sample
  • Complete vaccination as required in accordance with RCVS guidelines


If your rabbit is fully vaccinated then the Summer Bunny Package is £29.00

Our Bouncing Bunny Plan is £99.00 and includes a full set of vaccinations, RVD1, RVD2 and Myxomatosis protection, It also includes the summer bunny package and the top up flystrike prevention 10weeks later free of charge.

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