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Grooming and Feeding Your Kitten

Initially try to continue your kitten’s breeder’s feeding pattern and diet to minimise changes while your kitten adapts to a new home. Ultimately, you should aim for a good quality kitten diet because this will give your kitten the correct balance of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. This is particularly vital during growth. There are many good kitten diets on the market. We recommend the Royal Canin ‘Vet Cat’ range which is an excellent food made from top quality ingredients and has an excellent nutritional balance.


Kitten Milk

Kittens do not have a requirement for milk once they have been weaned and some are intolerant to lactose in milk. If your kitten gets diarrhoea after drinking milk it is best to avoid all dairy products. Cats vary a lot in size once adult and so they each have different food requirements. It is therefore useful to monitor the weight of your kitten monthly during growth (approximately 12 months) and thereafter as an adult cat, so that you can feed the correct quantity and type of food. We are happy to offer a complimentary weight check whenever you need one.


Whatever the length of your cat’s coat, it is essential to get them used to being groomed. Medium and longhaired cats will require daily grooming to prevent hair matting. If your cat is already adult and unused to grooming then it may be very difficult and you will need to be very persistent and patient!

The first places to get matted are usually the belly, armpits, groin and behind the ears so do not miss these out, in fact it is best to start with these. Initially, your cat may only tolerate short periods of grooming so do it a bit at a time and try to stop before your cat gets fed up if possible, coming back to it later. You should be able to gradually build up to longer periods of grooming. Be as gentle as possible and try not to pull at tangles (carefully cut these out) as you could put your cat off. If your cat becomes badly matted and you are unable to regularly groom, he/she will need regular sedation and de-matting here every few months. This sometimes means we have to shave off quite a lot of their fur. We consider this a last resort, but in some cats grooming is virtually impossible and so it becomes the only way to keep them comfortable. 

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