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Microchipping Your Kitten

Ideally all Kittens should have a permanent, individual method of personal identification. This is a simple procedure, relatively painless and an unalterable form of identification, 

How are microchips placed?

The microchip is the size and shape of a grain of rice; it is inserted just under the skin via a special needle. The actual process of implantation is really not much different for your kitten than having any other injection, although admittedly the needle is a little larger. Your vet or nurse will do their best to distract your kitten by giving them lots of treats while it is administered. Or alternatively, we often place their microchips while they are asleep for their neutering operations. Once in place the chip can be read with a special scanner. 

Each chip has a unique number that is linked to a central database where yours and your kitten’s details will be registered. The database has a 24 hour telephone for obtaining the address and telephone number of an owner should their animal be found

Microchip implantation is complimentary as part of the Kitten Starter offer

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