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Pet Insurance

We recommend purchasing pet health insurance as soon as you get your pet. If you wait until your pet becomes unwell, it is too late then to get insurance that will cover that particular condition. 

At Green Pastures we recommend having pet health insurance so that you can ensure your pet receives the best treatment options available, without having to worry about the financial implications at a very difficult time. Cutting edge treatments such as MRI scans can immensely benefit your pet but can also prove costly.


Most policies for cats also give you the peace of mind for third party liability cover too. This covers any damage caused by your pet e.g. if they cause a road accident, under English law you would be personally liable for the cost of repair of any cars involved. 


What to look for in a policy

Cheaper policies may limit the amount that can be claimed, have a higher excess, stop when your cat reaches a certain age, and will usually only cover an ongoing disease for the first 12 months.

We recommend you choose a policy offering life-long cover with no 12-month time limit (so that conditions such as diabetes and arthritis would be covered for life). 



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