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Puppy and Kitten Services


Puppy and Kitten Services

Your new family member may have joined you during concerns for human health, but you don’t have to compromise your Puppy or Kittens health. We have amended our plans to ensure you get extra support in these times. Please call us today to book an appointment. See below our Starter plans which have been amended to give you and your new family member the best start in life.


Puppy Offer     Kitten Offer


Puppy Advice

Why we vaccinate Puppies

Rabies Warning

Flea Advice  

Worming Advice

Neutering Your Puppy  

Microchipping Your Puppy  

Puppy Training & Socialisation

Pet Insurance  

Housetraining Your Puppy

Feeding Your Puppy



Kitten Advice

Why we vaccinate Kittens

Flea Advice

Worming Advice

Neutering Your Kitten  

Microchipping Your Kitten   

Socialisation and Play  

Pet Insurance  

Housetraining Your Kitten  

Grooming and Feeding your Kitten     





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