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Rabbit and Rodent Services

Here at Green Pastures we believe Rabbits and Rodents deserve just as much attention as larger pets like cats and dogs.  Their needs are often complex and being prey species, they only display very subtle signs of ill health until they are too poorly to hide it any more. If you have any concerns about your pet's health do get in touch sooner rather than later. At Green Pastures we will always try to see your rabbit or rodent as soon as we can if you are concerned about them. If your pet needs to stay with us, we have a seperate ward dedicated to them, that is quiet and warm and well away from the sounds of cats and dogs. We hope you will find the information below useful, to ensure your pet lives the healthiest, happiest life possible.



Rabbit Awareness

 If your rabbit is already registered with us please consider booking them in for our Bunny Offer to keep them safe this Summer. Please note the Bunny Offer is complimentary for Bouncing Bunny Healthcare members

Bouncing Bunny Preventative Healthcare Plan

Routine Neutering Operations

Bunny Offer

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