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Bunny Offer

Keep precious bunnies safe this Summer and treat them to our Bunny Offer for only £29.00

As the weather gets warmer your rabbits are at risk from a life threatening condition called Flystrike. We are committed to ensuring your bunny lives the healthiest, happiest life possible, so we will be providing our annual Bunny Offer to keep them safe. Book in now!


Offer includes:

  • Rearguard application - a lotion to kill the flies causing flystrike lasting for 10weeks

  • Health check -bunnies with grumbling health problems are more at risk, so we can give them a thorough MOT to check they are as healthy as possible

  • Dental examination -rabbits with overlong teeth struggle to groom their bottoms, putting them at greater risk

  • Clip & clean bottom -soiled matted fur attracts the dangerous blowflies, so we give them a thorough clean*

  • Nail clipping

  • Bunny information pack everything you need to ensure your bunny lives the healthiest, happiest life possible

  • Complimentary treat & food sample

Your rabbit will need to stay with us for the day and the offer can be done Monday-Friday. We are offering all this for only £29.00. It is complimentary for members of our Bouncing Bunny plan, consider joining for a host of other benefits!


What is Flystrike? (warning its a bit gruesome!)

Flystrike occurs when blowflies lay their eggs in soiled or infected fur, usually around the rabbits bottom. The eggs are usually hidden deep in the fur and tricky to spot. The maggots hatch within 12 hours and begin to feed on the soiled fur. Once that has gone, they begin to eat the rabbit's healthy flesh, often tunnelling deep into the body. This can happen within a matter of hours and as you can imagine is agonising for the rabbit. If not treated rabbits die quickly from their injuries and shock.

Overweight, longhaired or arthritic rabbits or those with dental problems are most at risk as they are unable to clean their bottoms properly leading to soiling of the fur which attracts the flies.

Is my rabbit at risk?

Overweight, arthritic rabbits or those with dental or urinary problems are most at risk as they are unable to clean their bottoms properly leading to soiling of the fur which attracts the flies.

But healthy rabbits can also be affected if their cage is soiled. As the flies are airborne, house rabbits can also be at risk.


Other ways you can help protect your Rabbit

Flystrike is a potentially fatal condition so here are some top tips to keep them safe:

  • Book them in for our Bunny Offer!
  • Keep a clean hutch by removing soiled bedding daily
  • Check your rabbits bottom every day to ensure it is clean and dry. If it seems wetter and more smelly than usual this could be an early sign of flystrike. Call us, even if it is very late, flystrike is an emergency.
  • Feed a good balanced diet of mainly hay, a small amount of greens to help prevent diarrhoea and a complete rabbit pellet (not the muesli type which can lead to selective eating). We recommend Excel Rabbit Food. most rabbits only need an egg cup sized amount of rabbit pellets a day to keep them slim.


We look forward to seeing you soon!



*If your bunnies bottom is particularly soiled, it can take several hours to gently clean them. This will incur an additional fee to reflect the time spent


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