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Routine Neutering Operations

Neutering (or speying) female rabbits is strongly recommended unless you are planning to breed from her. 60% of female rabbits over the age of three years old, will develop cancer of their womb if they are left entire.
We also strongly recommend neutering female Guinea pigs as they commonly suffer from painful ovarian cysts which can be life threatening.
you may also with to consider neutering male Rabbits and Rodents to reduce aggression and discourage unwanted sexual behaviour
At Green Pastures we go to great lengths to ensure your pet has the safest experience possible. We use only the safest drugs possible and ensure they are supported as best as possible. Your pet will have a drip, pain relief and recover in our incubator. Once they are up and about they will be kept in our dedicated rabbit and rodent ward. A quiet and warm location well away from the smells and sounds of cats and dogs.
Please find a downloadable leaflet containing all you need to know for your pet's procedure here

On the Day

  • If is very important you DO NOT withhold food from your pet. Rabbits & Rodents do not need to be starved before an anaesthetic as they cannot vomit. In fact Its very important they have food in the stomach before an anaesthetic to help reduce the risk of gut stasis.


  • Please bring a small amount of your pet's normal food and their water bottle with you to ensure they start eating and drinking as soon as possible after their procedure


  • If your pet is strongly bonded to their companion, please bring their companion with them on the day, we will ensure they are placed back together as soon as possible so that we don't risk breaking their bond - this is particularly important for rabbits.
  • Make sure your pets coat and skin is clean to lessen the risk of post op infection.
Please consider anything else you might like performed e.g.. ID chip implant, nail clipping etc. We will be happy to discuss any requirements with you.


We usually admit your pet between 7.30-9.00 am and they are usually ready to go home from 2.00pm onwards, although they can go home any time up until 6.30 if this is easier for you. If these timings are very difficult for you, please do let us know and we will do our best to work something out.

Written Consent 

You will be asked to sign a consent form which gives your permission to carry out the procedure, this enables staff to act in your pets best interest if you are unavailable. 
Once your pet has been admitted they will be settled into a comfy bed. We have a separate Rabbit/Rodent ward to reduce stress. They will be given hay, food and water and kept quiet and warm. 

Contact details

Please ensure you give us the correct contact numbers for that day and make sure you or someone you are happy for us to contact is available at all times.

Home Care

It is important that you are home with your pet the evening of the operation. It is also important to get your pet eating as soon as possible to prevent gut stasis where everything stops moving. Your pet will also need to stay in the warm for a couple of nights as they wont be able to regulate their body temperature as normal for a few days. A soft bed will also be needed so it does not irritate their surgery site.
Post operative checks
We would like to see your pet for a check up appointment 2 days and 10 days after the operation. If you have any concerns outside of the appointments please do call us
Our fee includes:
  • The anaesthesia and surgery itself
  • Nursing care
  • Intravenous or subcutaneous fluids to maintain blood pressure
  • Pain relief, antibiotic and gut stimulant injections – Also pain relief for rabbits to go home with
  • Post-operative checks – usually 2 appointments
  • The price does not include any additional procedures performed at the same time or treatment for any unexpected complications caused by your pet chewing at his stitches for example. We will discuss how to prevent this with you


  • Rabbit castrate (males) £85.00 (Including VAT)
  • Rabbit spay (females)  £100.00 (Including VAT)
  • Guinea Pig castrate £39.18 (Including VAT)
  • Guinea Pig spay £63.20 (Including VAT)
  • Rat castrate £37.66 (Including VAT)
  • Rat spay £59.87 (Including VAT)
  • Ferret castrate £70.00 (Including VAT)
  • Ferret spay £100.00 (Including VAT)

If you have any questions please telephone us on 01934 622022

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