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Repeat Prescriptions

Guidelines for ordering on-line

  1. Prescriptions will be dispensed to registered clients and animals with the practice on ongoing medication.
  2. Your current medication will have a label showing the details of the drug and the strength needed to fill in the form on-line. If there is a problem or error with the request the practice will endeavour to contact you so please fill in current contact details.
  3. Your prescription will be dispensed 48 working hours after it is placed.
  4. If your pet is due a check up - always done at 6 month intervals in order to comply with legislation - we will be unable to dispense the prescription until that has been arranged. If there is a problem with this then we may give you enough medication to get your pet through to the appointment time.
  5. If you are ordering a Written Prescription the 48 hour rule still applies and there is an administration fee for this.
  6. Prescription requests will be checked at 8.30 am daily at the practice from on-line forms.
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