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Vet Consultations

Book in to see one of our Vets if you are at all concerned about your pet. At Green Pastures we provide extended consultation times of 15minutes to ensure we provide excellent care.

During a consultation your Vet will want to ask you a number of questions about your pet's lifestyle and the particular problem you have bought them in for. They will then carefully and gently examine your pet, discuss your pet's condition and treatment plan with you, before recording all of their findings on your pet's medical records.

Follow up consultations are usually scheduled for 10minutes and the reduced time is reflected in the reduced fee.

It matters to us that you keep continuity during your pet’s course of treatment with the vet of your choice, where possible we will try to ensure you see the same Vet. We also recommend that you see one of our vets with a special interest in your pet’s clinical condition.

We offer appointments throughout each weekday from 8.30am till 7pm and on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you need to see a vet outside of our opening hours, please phone the surgery and one of our vets will see your pet there as an emergency. Do please be aware that this will incur an additional surcharge

Whilst we generally recommend seeing your pet at Green Pastures because we have access to all our staff and facilities, we can visit you and your pet in your home. We also have an Animal Ambulance should the need arise.

Helpful Tips

To ensure you and your pet receive the best possible service we recommend the following:

  • If you would like to discuss more than one condition with the vet, please mention this to the Receptionist when you book in, this way the Vet will be allocated additional time to fully assess your pet. There is not usually an additional fee for this.


  • If your dog becomes very worried at the vets, please make the vet aware of this before they examine them, there are lots of things we can do to help minimise your and their stress levels!


  • If your dog becomes very agitated by the presence of other dogs, please feel free to wait in your car or outside, just don't forget to let Reception know that you have arrived!


  • If you are visiting from another practice because you would like to have a second opinion regarding your pet's condition, please mention this to the Receptionist when you book in, this way the Vet will be allocated additional time to fully assess your pet and ensure they have all of the necessary information to hand. There is an additional fee for 2nd opinion consultaions.

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