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We believe your pets are special and deserve to live the happiest, healthiest lives possible. One of the main ways of achieving this is by keeping their mouths clean and healthy.

Thanks to advances in diets and vaccination our pet's lifespans have nearly doubled in the last 20 years, but without proper dental care, their mouths simply won't keep up.

Have your pet's kisses become a little less desirable? If your pet has smelly breath its likely their teeth aren't in very good shape. Have a look if they'll let you. How would you feel about having those teeth in your own mouth? The nerve supply to our pets teeth is just as efficient as our own so if you would feel discomfort with those teeth, then your pet will too.

Book a free dental assessment with one of our vets or nurses, who will be happy to examine your pets mouth and advise on the range of homecare options that may be appropriate. If your pet has more severe dental disease we may recommend our Happy Smile Package to restore their mouth to good health



Happy Smile Package

Making sure your pets have healthy, fresh mouths throughout their lives is something we feel very strongly about and we will discuss how to achieve this with you from very early on in your pet's kitten or puppyhood. However some pets, just like some people can go on to develop problems with their teeth or gums despite your best efforts.

For these pets we have put together our Happy Smile Package to restore their mouths to a happy healthy state. We are so confident that this package offers the best in Gold Standard dental care at a competitve price that we offer a Price Match Promise.



Package Includes


Pre-op blood Screen

Pets are frequently elderly when they need dental work. To ensure they are kept as safe as possible we perform pre-op blood screens. These are run within minutes at our onsite laboratory and allow us to quickly understand their organ function and cell counts. This enables us to better support your pet while they are anaesthetised by understanding their specific needs. Alternatively we may postpone the procedure until they are better stabilised.



This supports your pet's circulation and blood pressure for the duration of thier procedure, keeping them well hydrated and safe. It also gives us rapid access to their circulation for administration of fast acting antibiotics and anti-inflammatories should they be required




Gold Standard Anaesthesia

Your pets are precious and when you entrust them to our care, we look after them as if they were our own. We employ Gold Standard Anaesthetic techniques using the safest agents possible. Dedicated Anaesthesia nurses monitor your pet's blood pressure O2 sats, CO2 levels, temperature, vital signs and depth of anaesthesia throughout and remain with your pet until fully recovered



Full Mouth X-rays

Cats in particular frequently suffer from painful root lesions that are invisible above the gum line and only detectable with a dental x-ray. we will always perform dental x-rays when your cat has dentistry with us and the price of these are included in the package




Dental Charting

Just like a human dentist, we make a careful record of your pet's individual teeth. This allows us to monitor their ongoing health and also provide a comprehensive description of their mouth without neccesitating another general anaesthetic, should you move to a practice elsewhere in the country. This helps us to carefully explore each tooth, detecting any cavities that may need treatment



Ultrasonic Scaling and Polishing

We have invested heavily in our dental equipment to enable us to provide state of the art dental care. Your pet will have a full scale and polish of their teeth both above and below the gum line to leave their mouth clean and fresh.




Follow Up Appointments

Dental disease can return within 24hours of a scale and polish if steps aren't taken to prevent it. We will see you and your pet at 2 days and 10 days post procedure to ensure they are recovering normally and healing is going well if any teeth have been extracted. We will use the time to discuss and demonstrate ways to maintain your pets newly clean, fresh mouth long term

We will also see you at 3 months post procedure for a long term follow-up chat to ensure you have all the information and tools you need to maintain your pet's fresh, healthy smile.



Please note, extractions are not included in the cost of the Happy Smile Package. If we discover your pet needs any, we will call you while your pet is asleep to discuss this with you.



Time and time again you tell us that your pet is so much brighter and happier after their dental work.

Dental pain in humans is rated as second only to the pain caused by terminal cancer. It is an aching pain rather than a sharp pain and so it is very difficult for our pets to communicate this to us. It is very rare for pets to stop eating all together when they have a painful mouth. Dental pain is demonstrated by subtle changes like smelly breath, reduced grooming in cats, duller demeanour. Please trust us if we  voice concerns about your pet's mouth. We speak from years of hearing from you directly about how much better, brighter and happier your pets are, after having their painful mouths corrected.

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