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We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of Diagnositc Facilities to enable us to thoroughly investigate and detect the majority of health problems that may affect your pet.

We invest heavily in both our equipment and staff training to continually improve our clinical skills and so broaden the level of service which we can offer you and your pets. Below are some of the facilities available to your pet should they need them 24-7, 365 days a year


Digital Radiography

Our system allows us to take high quality, diagnostic X-rays very quickly which minimises the time your pet spends sedated or anaesthetised for their procedure. 

Digital images are produced which enable us to quickly email them for Specialist input if required. It also allows us to quickly and easily talk through them with you, to help you better understand any problems your pet may have.

Dental Radiography

We have also installed digital dental radiography. It is very common for cats to develop painful tooth root lesions which are invisible above the gum line and only detectable with dental x-ray.

Having this facility has transformed the dental care we are able to provide.



Onsite Laboratory

We have a range of in-house machines so we can test your pet’s blood and urine and obtain results within minutes. We have recently invested in a machine to measures the acid base balance of your pets blood, allowing us to start life saving treatment regimes which would not be possible without this information.

We are contantly updating our laboratory to increase the scope and accuracy of the tests we have available. Our microscope is also very busy. It is routinely used for blood, urine, skin and ear examinations and dectection of cancerous growths.


Most of us are familiar with ultrasound scans. It takes skill and practice to understand and interpret these images. Ultrasound scans are very useful diagnostically because it allows us to look inside the body without the need for an operation. 

We have invested heavily in a top of the range machine to enable us to capture very high quality images. These are very useful in the diagnosis of abdominal conditions such as bladder stones or some bowel cancers. We also use it to monitor and detect cardiac conditions such as Cardiomyopathies.



The scope uses a light source, camera, screen and optical cabling to allow us place a tiny key-hole camera into your pet's airway or throat and stomach if indicated. This allows us to diagnose and treat conditions without the need for invasive surgery.

For example we once removed a toy soldier from a Labrador's stomach just by using the endoscope! It takes considerable skill to operate this machine, to interpret the images and to use the probes for sample collection but the information we can obtain for you and your pet is invaluable.


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