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Hospitalisation Facilities

We believe that the provision of high quality, compassionate and meticulous patient care underpins a speedy problem-free recovery for your pet. For this reason we have invested heavily in our ward facilities and staffing. Our patient care routinely receives an Excellent rating in our client surveys.


If your pet needs to stay with us for any reason they will have full access to our ward facilities and receive round the clock care from our on-site team. We will be in touch regularly to keep you informed about your pets recovery and we are very happy for you to arrange a time to visit.



We have three species-specific wards, which allow us to keep cats, dog, rabbits and rodents in separate quiet surroundings well away from the sounds and smells of other types of pets that might frighten them. We also have an isolation ward, located well away from our main wards. Our isolation facility allows us to barrier nurse animals with diseases that could be contagious to animals or people and conversely, keep vulnerable unvaccinated animals away from possible sources of infection. 


Emergency &Critical Care

We have incubation facilities which we use to nurse severely injured or intensely shocked patients, as well as new born puppies and kittens.

We also routinely incubate and rabbits or rodents while they recover from anaesthesia to ensure a quick problem-free recovery.

We utilise the best monitoring equipment available to keep us informed minute by minute of sick animals changing status

Green Pastures is the base for a shared Out of Hours veterinary emergency service and our nurses care for patients from the other member veterinary practices. 



Onsite Laboratory

We have an on-site laboratory which allows us to analyse blood samples with a matter of minutes. This enables us to rapidly gain insight into the organ function, electrolyte balance and acid-base statuses of critically ill patients.

This facility is invaluable outside of commercial laboratory opening times such as Bank holidays or the small hours of the night.

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