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Surgical Facilities

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent surgical service should your pet require it. We have invested heavily in our surgical equipment, monitoring, theatre and staff to ensure any surgery performed is done safely and sterilely by highly trained staff in our dedicated, hygienic, air-conditioned theatre.

We routinely undertake a wide range of both soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. We are here and able to help should your pet need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


What happens when my pet comes in for an operation?


A Vet or Nurse will greet you and your pet and discuss the procedure they are due to have, they will want to weigh them and examine them to make sure they are fit and well for their procedure. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have. You will then be asked to provide your contact numbers for the day so that we can update you and let you know your pet is OK and arrange a home time. Your pet will then be given a pre-med which helps them to feel relaxed and safe and also ensures they have pre-emptive analgesia on-board for their procedure. They are then settled into their bed on a species specific ward.


Pre-op Blood Samples

We strongly recommend taking a blood sample before beginning a surgical procedure on any animal over the age of 7years old or any animal that is unwell. These can be run within minutes at our onsite laboratory and allow us to quickly understand your pet's organ function and red and white cell counts. This enables us to either better support your pet while they are anaesthetised by understanding their specific needs or electing to postpone surgery until they are better stabilised so that your pet is not put through undue risk. We have heavily discounted the cost of these samples to help make them accessible to you and your pet.

A Little Haircut

You will notice your pet will have a little patch of fur clipped from one of their forelimbs if they are a cat or dog, or from one of their ears if they are a rabbit.  This is because all dogs, cats and rabbits have intra-venous cannulas placed while they stay with us. This allows us to be able to give medications and fluids rapidly and painlessly. This is considered Gold Standard Practice.

Intravenous Fluids

All anaesthetised patients receive intravenous fluids during any procedure. For short procedures this is via a pain-free bolus into their IV cannula whilst for longer procedures fluid is administered via a drip. Fluids support your pet’s circulation and kidney function during sedation and anaesthesia helping to keep them as safe as possible.



Anaesthesia is induced in our dedicated induction room. The presence of their IV cannula means this is painless. All animals are gently cuddled and talked to soothingly in a calm quiet environment as they drift off, to ensure gentle and safe induction of anaesthesia. Once they are sleeping we place a tube into either their windpipe or their throat to ensure their airway is safe and kept patent while they are sleeping. This enables us to deliver oxygen and a gaseous anaesthetic. We also attach various monitoring devices to ensure we can accurately monitor and assess their depth of anaesthesia while they are sleeping. We also use a variety of heating mats and devices to ensure they are kept snug and warn throughout Once they are ready, the site that is due to be operated on will clipped and cleaned until sterile and once we are completely happy, they will be transferred to our dedicated theatre.


Your pet has a dedicated Nurse by their side throughout their anaesthetic and recovery. We use a number of parameters to continually track and record their vital signs, such as pulse oximetry, blood pressure and capnography. This gives us as much information as possible to ensure they sleep soundly and safely throughout.



Recovery from Anaesthesia is a critical time. Your pet's nurse will stay by their side until your pet is awake enough to have their airway support and monitoring equipment removed. We ensure your pet recovers in warm, quiet surroundings on their species specific ward, away from sights or smells of other species that could be frightening to them. They are placed in either a clean warm bed or incubator depending on their needs. As soon as they are awake enough they are offered a tasty meal of cooked chicken breast and water and once we are happy with them we will call you to arrange for them to be taken home.




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