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Terms & Conditions


  1. We require payment immediately after any consultations, if you buy products at the desk or if you are collecting items i.e food, repeat prescriptions.
  2. If your pet is seen out of hours payment is required after the consultation unless your pet is admitted then payment is required on collection of your pet.
  3. If your pet has an operation then payment is required on collection of your pet.
  4. If your pet is hospitalised with us then payment is required on collection of your pet. We will update you daily on the amount of your bill while your pet is with us.
  5. Estimates can be given for operations but please be aware that it can be more if we need to do more than we anticipated.
  6. If you have a neutering voucher for your pet this must be presented on the day of the operation.
  7. If your pet is insured and you wish to make a claim for any treatment, it is your responsibility to obtain a claim form from your insurers. We will then complete the claim form and process the claim. We can deal with most companies direct, which means we will only ask you to pay the excess of your policy and for any items that are not covered under the scheme you have chosen. Please remember that if your insurance company declines the claim, you are responsible for paying all the fees direct to the practice.

If you have any queries please ask a member of staff for help.

We respectfully remind clients that the terms of trade at Green Pastures Veterinary Centre require payment to be made at the time of treatment.

Failure to settle any outstanding account within 14 days could result in a legal charge of £40.00 as per the late payment directive of August 2002

If you have any difficulties with payment please raise your concerns with a member of staff before the start of any treatment

Return of Drugs

We are required by our governing authorities to ensure that all drugs we dispense have been stored at the correct temperature, even during transportation. This is to ensure that their efficacy has not been compromised. We are sure that you would only want to be supplied with drugs that meet this criteria. For this reason, we are unable to refund drugs once they have left our premises.

Pet Insurance Claims

If you wish to make a claim for veterinary fees, we will waive our ‘payment at the time’ terms and allow your account for insured fees to accumulate until a claim is submitted-either at the end of treatment or within two months of the start of treatment.


  1. Please submit a claim form at the start of treatment
  2. Pay the excess on your policy & any uninsured items
  3. Be prepared to settle your account in full if your claim is not settled within 28 days or if you claim has been declined by your insurers.
  4. Paper claims incur a charge of £7.50 per form sent, electronic claims are free.
  5. Continuation conditions will be sent quarterly at a cost of £7.50.

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