Comprehensive Diagnostics for Dogs & Cats in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset

Green Pastures Veterinary Centre houses sophisticated diagnostic equipment for the purpose of efficiently and accurately diagnosing a wide range of health problems in dogs, cats, and rabbits. Our diagnostic facilities are available to you and your pet 24/7, 365 days a year, so if a medical issue arises, our skilled team is ready and able to help.

Please contact us if your pet has a medical problem and needs to be examined.

On Site Diagnostic Labratory

On-Site Diagnostic Laboratory

Our animal hospital utilises several state-of-the-art analysing machines for testing blood, urine, and fecal samples. This equipment allows our doctors and staff to obtain results in a matter of minutes, which in turn allows for timely and potentially life-saving treatment for your pet.

At Green Pastures, we are always updating our laboratory equipment to meet our patients' needs to the fullest and increase the scope and accuracy of the tests we perform.

Digital Radiography


We regularly use our digital radiography equipment to produce high-quality diagnostic X-rays of the heart, lungs, and musculoskeletal system. If a physical exam and bloodwork prove insufficient for us to make a definitive diagnosis, our team can obtain X-rays of your pet to increase the scope of their evaluation.

Because our digital radiography machine is so efficient, it helps to minimise the time your pet will need to spend being positioned for imaging. Additionally, our equipment produces significantly less radiation than standard film X-ray equipment. We are also able to share your pet's X-rays via email with outside veterinary specialists if needed.

Dental Radiography


Dental radiography is another important tool in our diagnostic inventory, and a critical aspect of the dental procedures we provide here at Green Pastures. A standard oral examination cannot show us what is happening in your pet's mouth below the gum line. With digital dental X-rays, we can view the subgingival areas, including the roots of the teeth and jawbone, for signs of disease and damage.



Ultrasound is another imaging tool we can use to perform more comprehensive exams. Instead of radiation, ultrasound uses soundwave echoes to create moving images of your pet's internal organ systems. With the aid of ultrasound our team can diagnose a variety of conditions of the abdominal and thoracic organs, including certain cancers, bladder stones, cysts, fluid buildup, and a range of heart conditions.



An endoscope is a tube-like instrument that includes a tiny camera and light source for viewing inside different cavities of the body, such as the nasal passages and digestive tract. This tool allows us to examine the orifices without having to perform invasive surgery, and potentially make a diagnosis. We can check for abnormal signs such as inflammation, lesions, bleeding, and tumors, and even find and retrieve foreign bodies! Another use for our endoscope is the retrieval of biopsy samples. Our patients are naturally sedated during this procedure, but the recovery time is minimal.