Useful Links

Below, you'll find a list of helpful links with information about rescues, pet care, pet insurance, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and much more.

Get useful advice from our country's leading feline specialists covering virtually every aspect of health and care for cats.

Green Pastures partners with this crematorium to help bereaved pet owners care for their pets' remains in a compassionate and dignified manner.

Secret World is a wildlife rescue that rehabilitates and releases various wildlife throughout the South-West of England.

Cats Protection is a nationwide organisation dedicated to helping cats and kittens.

Dogs Trust has been caring for dogs in need for over a century, facilitating foster programs and rehoming arrangements for dogs. They also educate the public about pet care, training, dog behavior, and more.

The RSPCA is a nationwide charitable organisation that helps all animals and connects people with adoptable pets in need of loving homes.

If you have any questions about rabbit care, consult this resource for important information about rabbit nutrition, housing, and more.

PetPlan is the UK's number 1 pet insurance provider for dogs, cats, and rabbits. Learn more about what their plans cover and request a price quote.

The official website for the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, our regulatory body for the Veterinary Profession.